chapter-27 asked:
I hope you're have a kick ass day!

I’m planning on it! So far so good! Thank you.

Anonymous asked:
Dude, I've been asking myself why I follow you for the longest time ever. Now I finally know why: you're a gentlemen to the roots. I love it when you said there was no point in talking shit about your ex who cheated on you (nor calling her slut bitch ho etc and for the record I have never agree on others calling people names much less strangers who aren't involved in the relationship) you're an amazing guy (and I don't say you deserve better because) but be safe n strong! X

Hey thanks! My mama didn’t raise me to be an asshole.

Anonymous asked:
Do you know why she cheated?

I think always give too much, spoiled her rotten, anything she wanted I found a way to make it happen and I think I became too easy. She wanted a challenge or something different and fun which happens sometimes when you’ve been with someone for years. Still doesn’t justify it but hey.

Anonymous asked:
She's such a slut now :(

No point in me talking shit when she makes it apparent how shitty she is. As a matter fact anymore questions that are just talking shit I won’t answer. Shoot those her way not mine.

Anonymous asked:
She's not sorry for what she did and she will keep doing it. I'm so proud of you for staying strong and making her leave.

Maybe you’re right maybe you’re wrong. Who knows? Who cares? Not for me to worry about.

Are sex withdrawals real? Cause if they are I’m already feeling it.



"Tales from the Crypt" [1972]